The Craft of Espresso

Delicious shot of espresso

Are you trying to brew the espresso in a barista style?? Congratulations, you have stumbled upon the right place to find the way to a perfect espresso. A top barista is really an artist. The title of ‘barista’ really doesn’t come easy. First, the apprentice must have to walk a long road of discovery. Learning as much as possible about the honey golden nectar called espresso and only then the apprentice can become the true barista. Have you ever thought how baristas manage to extract the perfect shot of espresso every time?? It is just because they are smart enough to keep the variants in control and always use the best quality ingredients. Well, if you are really seeking ‘the god shot’ then you should read my article. Here is my neatly packaged list of the quality inputs that will surely help you to extract the perfect espresso like a barista.

Do you know that just single poor input can render the cup undrinkable? Baristas always follow the exponential relation while extracting the perfect espresso. It is true that until you get 10 out of 10 quality inputs, you will not get even close to the 100% quality output. First of all, you should pick up the best espresso machine for your home like baristas have. To brew the perfect flavored espresso, you should have the perfect espresso machine which has the ability to maintain the brewing temperature and regulate the pressure in an effective way. Without the good espresso machine, the baristas can’t even brew the perfect espresso.

The ingredients play a crucial role in extracting the perfect shot of espresso. While brewing the coffee, you should mind your water like baristas do. When filling the water into the base of the espresso maker, don’t fill up too high. Another golden rule related to the water is that use only cool and filtered water. The hard or funky water can ruin the quality of your espresso. The espresso is quite sensitive and this swap can really make the noticeable difference.

Selecting the right coffee grinder is really important. While all the quality inputs are critical but I personally think that the right grinder is the first among all. You can get the admirable espresso only if your coffee beans are perfectly grinded. The coffee grinder should be slow rotating, conical and with a powerful motor. Friends, believe me, if you choose the right grinder, you can really feel the difference.
Another thing is that you should select the quality coffee beans to make the espresso like barista. Premium grade coffee beans can really make your espresso up to the highest rank. According to the baristas, the selection of coffee beans is a determining factor which decides whether your espresso will be of high – quality or not.

Along with all these factors, the perfect resistance is also necessary to brew ‘the god shot’. The perfect resistance is where pressure from the espresso machine’s pump only just wins the battle when confronted with the resistance of the tightly packed finely ground coffee filled portafilter basket. The closer you can manipulate the elements to create perfect resistance, the better your chance of extracting the espresso like a barista.

The fact can’t be denied that to make the espresso like a barista, you should think like him and also develop the ‘eye of barista’. A great barista can accurately rate the coffee taste purely on the look and form of extraction. Believe me, friends, if you keep all the above factors in your mind than not only you can extract the espresso like a barista but also you can give a tough competition to the perfect barista of your town. So, don’t waste your time, just follow the entire quality inputs and ready to have the quality output i.e. ‘the god shot’.


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